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Championing Change

At Glytec, we are THE Leading Advocate for Improvement of Health Care and Health Economics for Diabetes and Insulin Management

Our Vision

At Glytec, we are revolutionizing the landscape of diabetes care.  We envision a world where every instance of patient care is supported by data and actionable insights. We see a future where healthcare decisions are informed, ensuring better, cost-effective care and outcomes for patients and those with diabetes globally.

At Glytec, We Believe:


Diabetes is one of the greatest population health challenges, deserving safe and effective care for all.


Every individual, regardless of background, deserves access to quality diabetes management.


Through leadership and collaboration, we can drive meaningful change in diabetes care.

The Challenge

Glucose and diabetes management have been huge challenges for the healthcare industry.  One-third of all hospitalized patients require insulin therapy to regulate high blood sugar during their stay.1  More than 2 million patients each year experience an adverse event in the hospital leading to hypoglycemia, which according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) costs the healthcare system over 8 billion dollars.  The majority of patients impacted have diabetes and are subject to a 3x higher likelihood of hospitalization, 2.6x higher healthcare costs, and health inequities including disproportionate outcomes due to racial and ethnic minority status, low income, low education, and age.2

Yet nearly one-third of hospitals have no glucose management metrics, and 59 percent do not have an automated method of pulling data on rates of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.3

Many hospitals still rely on dated, manual methods for managing blood glucose and don’t have tools to measure and improve outcomes across their patient populations, leaving them decades behind best tools and practices.

A Call to Action

Glytec is dedicated to partnering with hospitals, healthcare providers, and policymakers to transform diabetes care. Our first ever FDA-cleared software, utilized by over 350 hospitals, is backed by over 100 clinical studies and 106 patents. Together, we advocate for standardized metrics and improved standards of care to enhance patient safety and outcomes.

With our partners, we engage and collaborate with state and federal lawmakers, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the White House, and various task forces and government agencies to advance reporting and care standards for patients across the nation.

By embracing our collective capabilities, missions, and responsibilities to patient safety we can work together to achieve the highest quality of care.

Supporting Landmark CMS Measures

Glytec proudly supports CMS’s new measures targeting severe hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. These measures, proposed for the CY 2026 reporting period, are crucial steps towards improving diabetes care standards and reducing disparities.

Our commitment to innovation aligns with these efforts to advance healthcare quality and equity.

Join the Advocacy Effort

Glytec’s advocacy initiative, “Championing Change,” collaborates with industry leaders and policymakers to advance diabetes care. By leveraging technology and expertise, we strive to empower clinicians with the tools and insights needed to deliver optimal care to every patient.

By embracing our collective capabilities, missions, and responsibilities to patient safety we can work together to achieve the highest quality of care.


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